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People of Note

Barbara Caridad Ferrer
My twin of a different mother, a fantabulous writer (just ask Kirkus!) and an all-around Evil Influence.  Or is she the Good Twin?  So difficult to tell…
Deborah Grabien
Rockin’ mystery writer and chef par fabulous, also with a touch of the fantasy in her backlist.  Also the owner/editorial director of PlusOne Press.
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Writer/editor/cohort in the crime of self-promotion.  Because everyone needs a little brother to blame, and he’s mine.
 Thirzah Brown
Web designer, and all-around sanity-saver.
Lynn Flewelling
Excellent convention-roomie and advocate of fine tea.  Also author of much excellent fantasy.  She needs to write faster.  Tell her I said so.
Julienne (J.Ardian) Lee
Writer, yes (time travel historical fantasy and more!) but also a great travel companion and fellow (honorary) Jersey Girl.

Other Authors of Interest

Carol Berg E.E. Knight Tina Jens
Anne Bishop Mindy Klasky  Rob Thurman
Christopher Golden  Judith Tarr Dana Stabenow
Lilith Saintcrow Lyda Morehouse  Steven Harper
Nick Kaufmann

Places and Conventions

Science Fiction (and Fantasy) Writers of America SFF-Net
Boskone Livejournal
Lunacon Orycon
World Fantasy Conference World SF Convention

And a few of my hobbies and pet projects, encapsulated:

The American Red Cross — Give Blood!
U.S. Congress web site — Get your Gripes Out!
Wine Spectator
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