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Laura Anne Gilman is the author of the popular Cosa Nostradamus novels, the Nebula award-nominated The Vineart War trilogy, and the Portals duology, in addition to short fiction from many fine publishers. Her next project is the weird west/divergent history  SILVER ON THE ROAD, coming from Simon & Schuster/Saga Press in 2015.

She has dipped her pen into the mystery field as well, writing the Gin & Tonic series as L.A. Kornetsky.

biophotoMs. Gilman is represented by the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, and is a member of the publishing co-operative Book View Cafe.

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So on Friday, I finally saw the almost-finished cover for SILVER ON THE ROAD. And I had some nitpicks, because, well, ARTISTS, she said in mock disgust. But overall? I kind of fucking love it. But it’s not Officially Finished Yet.  So I can’t show it to anyone. *flails and dies a little*

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The pre-order page for L.A. Kornetsky’s CLAWED is now live! Order early, order often.

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Everybody’s working on the weekend…

You know you’re a city dweller when… this morning at 7am there were individuals having a music party down in the not-an-alley* behind my building.  And my only thought was “not my choice of music, but not bad” rather than “these crazy kids why’re they blasting music at 7am on a Sunday?”  And then someone […]

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Five Status Updates Make a Post

SILVER ON THE ROAD is off to the copyeditor (eeep) and is being over-read for horse and native neep as well, to ensure that I only make the most embarrassing mistakes everyone else also missed… Meanwhile, I’m closing in on the 10% mark of Book #2:  “There was something his charge wasn’t telling him, her […]

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State of the Meerkat, Five Things Weekend Roundup Version

1.  Reminder if you missed the earlier announcements: the #‎willwrite2feedothers story for 2015 went live! (but will only remain live for a limited time, so read now!) 2. A sporting thing happened here in town.  There was much swearing and sweating and triumphant heart attack honking and cheering.  If I’d had an actual emotional attachment to this […]

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