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Laura Anne Gilman is the author of the popular Cosa Nostradamus novels, the Nebula award-nominated The Vineart War trilogy, and the Portals duology, in addition to short fiction from many fine publishers. Her next project is the weird west/divergent history  SILVER ON THE ROAD, coming from Simon & Schuster/Saga Press in 2015.

She has dipped her pen into the mystery field as well, writing the Gin & Tonic series as L.A. Kornetsky.

biophotoMs. Gilman is represented by the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, and is a member of the publishing co-operative Book View Cafe.

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The pre-order page for L.A. Kornetsky’s CLAWED is now live! Order early, order often.

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Everybody’s working on the weekend…

You know you’re a city dweller when… this morning at 7am there were individuals having a music party down in the not-an-alley* behind my building.  And my only thought was “not my choice of music, but not bad” rather than “these crazy kids why’re they blasting music at 7am on a Sunday?”  And then someone […]

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Five Status Updates Make a Post

SILVER ON THE ROAD is off to the copyeditor (eeep) and is being over-read for horse and native neep as well, to ensure that I only make the most embarrassing mistakes everyone else also missed… Meanwhile, I’m closing in on the 10% mark of Book #2:  “There was something his charge wasn’t telling him, her […]

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State of the Meerkat, Five Things Weekend Roundup Version

1.  Reminder if you missed the earlier announcements: the #‎willwrite2feedothers story for 2015 went live! (but will only remain live for a limited time, so read now!) 2. A sporting thing happened here in town.  There was much swearing and sweating and triumphant heart attack honking and cheering.  If I’d had an actual emotional attachment to this […]

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Play “washed-up has-been or bright young thing”?

I find this slightly worrying and at the same time deeply reassuring.   (hint: James Patterson and John Irving both had their break-out novel at my age, and Janet Evanovich was older. None of them were on their first (or second) book.)   Explore the careers of some of the world’s most successful authors. Click image […]

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