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Audio Books 

As Laura Anne Gilman

Cosa Nostradamus novels 

Staying Dead: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Curse the Dark: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Bring It On: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Burning Bridges: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Free Fall: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Blood from Stone: A Retrievers Novel (Unabridged)

Hard Magic: A PSI Novel (Unabridged)

Pack of Lies: A PSI Novel (Unabridged)

Tricks of the Trade: A PSI Novel (Unabridged)

Dragon Justice: A PSI Novel (Unabridged)

Miles to Go: A Sylvan investigations Novella (Unabridged)

Promises to Keep: A Sylvan investigations Novella (Unabridged)


Vineart War/Lands Vin

Flesh and Fire: Book One of the Vineart War (Unabridged)

Weight of Stone: Book Two of the Vineart War (Unabridged)

From Whence You Came (Unabridged)


Other Audiobooks

Dragon Virus (Unabridged)


As Anna Leonard

Shifter’s Destiny (Unabridged)


Direct From the Publishers

Simon & Schuster  (for The Vineart War trilogy and the Devil’s West novels)

Fairwood Press  (for DRAGON VIRUS limited edition hardcover)

Simon & Schuster (for the Gin & Tonic mysteries)

Plus One Press (for the Sylvan Investigations print edition)