Short Fiction

Upcoming/New Projects

  • WEST WINDS’ FOOL and Other Stories of the Devil’s West (collection)
  • GABRIEL’S ROAD (novella)

Short Fiction (a mostly complete list)

(some of these stories are now digitally available at BookViewCafe!)

  • “Along Came a Spider” (Horror)*
  • “apple, not a fairy tale” (dark F/mainstream) (BookViewCafe exclusive)
  • “Apparent Horizon” (SF)*
  • “Blow Job Red” (BookViewCafe exclusive)
  • “Catseye” (mainstream/Fantasy)*
  • “Clean Up Your Room!” (SF/humor)*
  • “Dance” (F, Buzzy Magazine)
  • “Destination Ahead” (in Temporally Out of Order)
  • “Disposession” (F/ghost story, in Spooks)
  • “Don’t Toot Your Horn” (horror) in DON’T REST YOUR HEAD
  • “Don’t You Want To Be Beautiful?” (Horror/humor)*
  • “Dragons” (SF/H)*
  • “Dreamcatcher( e-novella from Nocturne, as “Anna Leonard”)
  • “Dusted” in THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS: Tales of Occult Detectives
  • “End of Days” (SF/horror) (in Aeon 4)
  • “Dusted” (F, in Those Who Fight Monsters)
  • “Every Comfort of Home” (SF)*
  • “Finder’s Keeper” (Defiance, available from Drollerie Press)
  • “Exposure” (mainstream/horror)*
  • “Fire Rising in the Moon” (in Polyphony 6)
  • “FireBreak” (eBites novella)
  • “Harvey and Fifth” (mainstream/ghost story)*
  • “Heartbeat” (in GENIUS LOCI)
  • “Illumination” (F) (Unusual Suspects)
  • “In the Aftermath of Something Happening” (SF) (in Oceans of the Mind)
  • “KidPro” (F) in Wizards Inc
  • “Mad Cats and Englishmen” in Daily SF
  • “Paris 24” (F, in After Hours: Tales of the Ur-Bar)
  • “Rodeo” (SF) (BookViewCafe)
  • “Serpent’s Rock” (F) (in Young Warriors)
  • “Site Fourteen” (SF)*
  • “Sleepwork” (Fantasy)*
  • “Strange Playmates” (SF) (in Coyote Wild)
  • “Sympathetic Magic” (Fantasy)*
  • “Talent” (Horror/Fanatasy)*
  • “The Devil’s Jack” (F) (in Dead Man’s Hand) 
  • “The Road Taken” (Fantasy)*
  • “The Cost” (F, Daily SF)
  • “Turnings” (Fantasy)*
  • “Wolfling” (SF, Apex & Abyss)