I Have Strong Opinions

Wisdom may be in holding your opinions close, but there’s definite freedom in letting them fly.  I HAVE STRONG OPINIONS is a collection of twenty-five no-holds-barred rants from award-winning author Laura Anne Gilman on the everyday frustrations and irritations of life in the 21st century, from Facebook to fireworks, sex ed to snow tires.

“Go on the journey. Buckle up. Get ready for some salt. You’re in good hands. You’re in an expert’s hands.”

 – from the Introduction by Chuck Wendig


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Introduction by Chuck Wendig
History Will Fuck You Up
Don’t Join A Neighborhood Facebook Community. Just… Don’t.
I’m Done with the Motherfucking Cold of this Motherfucking Winter
The War on Christmas Retailers
Words with Friends, No.
My Music is Problematic
Check It or Chuck It
Identifying Your Troll Subspecies: The Circular Tapdancis minor.
Impolite Vampires
We’re All Special Snowflakes, Sunshine.
It’s About the Ethics
Seven Words
Fuck You I’m Not Neurotic.
Leave the Goddamned Kids Alone
Facebook RSVPs
You Made a Promise, Damnit.
It’s a Shitty Situation
I Will Stab You With this Pencil I Swear to God
Do Not Make Me Choose Sides, You Both Suck
You’re Not Here Alone, Damn It
Get Your Boom Out of My Room
Do You Want to Die, Or Just Kill Me?
“No Hoods, Ever!”
If You Can’t Identify It, You Shouldn’t Touch It.
Whose Story Is It Anyway?