A Gin & Tonic Investigation (#3)

When Ginny Mallard and her sometimes-partner Teddy Tonica are asked to look into the situation of an old man about to be evicted, the part-time investigators think it’s just a matter of sorting out misunderstandings.  But this is no simple landlord-tenant spat, bringing them headfirst – and nose-deep in trouble – into the world of back-room fights and animal rights…

And this time, Ginny’s shar-pei, Georgie, and the bar cat Penny are the only ones who can get the truth out of their sole witness: a puppy named Parsifal!


“The witty banter between characters Tonica and Ginny and the interaction between Penny and Georgie keep the reader engaged as they proceed to solve the case of the evicted boxer. Kornetsky spotlights the cruelty of animal abuse and those that profit from it in this thought-provoking mystery. When all is said and done, it takes the persistence of Penny and Georgie to save the day. Love it!” (4 stars)  – Single Title Reviews

Vivid descriptions of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood are a plus in a cozy tale that will draw in even those normally skeptical of animal-centered stories.”
– Publishers Weekly (on COLLARED)


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  1. steve.hancock

    Tell Ms Kornetsky, i just read one of her books (Doghouse) for the first time . Wonderful job , entertaining and fun, but also does a good job educating people about animal kidnapping and abuse. Nice when you can entertain and inform people. Would make a great movie( but Hollyweird would probably screw it up) . i am owned by two rescue cats so i appreciate it. Keep up the good work, but put more in the books about Penny, Georgie and Parsiful, after all they are the REAL stars. Thank you.

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