A Gin & Tonic Investigation (#4)


Even though they’re unlicensed as investigators, Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica have begun to make a name for themselves in solving cases. But Ginny still has her day job as an event planner, and the promise of a lucrative job draws her to Portland, with her shar-pei puppy, Georgie, in tow. Much to her shock and horror, however, she’s been led there under false pretense –  and directly into a murder case!

Though the cops warn her to keep her nose out of it, Ginny just can’t resist the itch to solve this case, and soon gets drawn into Portland’s seedy underbelly of identity theft, forgery, and of course, murder, with Teddy and his cat Penny’s devoted sleuthing…


“The witty banter between characters Tonica and Ginny and the interaction between Penny and Georgie keep the reader engaged as they proceed to solve the case of the evicted boxer. Kornetsky spotlights the cruelty of animal abuse and those that profit from it in this thought-provoking mystery. When all is said and done, it takes the persistence of Penny and Georgie to save the day. Love it!” (4 stars)  – Single Title Reviews on DOGHOUSE

Vivid descriptions of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood are a plus in a cozy tale that will draw in even those normally skeptical of animal-centered stories.”  Publishers Weekly on COLLARED


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