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Hard Magic
Pack of Lies
Tricks of the Trade
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Bonnie Torres was a twenty-something Talent, fresh out of college and looking for a job.  Instead, it found her.

P.U.P.I. stands for Private, Unaffiliated, Paranormal Investigations. Because in a world where magic is just as common as electricity, abuse of that power is inevitable.  And sometimes only a Talent can solve a Talented crime…

Welcome to P.S.I.

Praise for Paranormal Scene Investigations:

“Gilman’s deft plotting and first-class characters complement her agile blend of science and spell craft, and readers will love the Mythbusters-style fun of smart, sassy people solving mysteries through experimentation, failure, and blowing stuff up.” (Starred Review)  [Publishers Weekly]

“A strong start to a new series. Bonnie is an interesting narrator — more naïve than some of Gilman’s other protagonists, but just as capable and intelligent. The supporting cast is also fascinating… (and) the plot is engaging and compelling.”  (4 stars/4.5) [RTReviews]

“Beautifully characterized, kickass urban fantasy.”
— Lilith Saintcrow, author of FLESH CIRCUS

“This is a great start to a new series, a perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a satisfying expansion of the world first visited in the Retrievers  series. I loved Wren and Sergei’s story, and I’m now hooked on Bonnie Torres and the PUPIs.”    [Green Man Review]

“Grabbing readers from the get-go, [PACK OF LIES] delivers style and substance with layers of mystery, science, politics, romance, and old-fashioned investigative work mixed with high-tech spellcraft.”   — (Starred Review) [Publishers Weekly]

“As much admiration as I have for Gilman’s world building and narrative style, I can’t emphasize enough how her characters always manage to sneak into my heart… Put this author on your watch-list.”  [All Things Urban Fantasy]



NPR called HARD MAGIC (PSI #1) one of The Year’s Most Transporting Books of 2010″and PACK OF LIES was a RT BookReview “Top Pick” for 2011!



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Hard Magic Pack of Lies Tricks of the Trade  Dragon Justice

  • Laura Anne Gilman

      • Paranormal Scene Investigations

        • Hard Magic

          Hard Magic

          Welcome to P.U.P.I – Private, Unaffiliated, Paranormal Investigations.
          A handpicked team trained to solve crimes the regular police can’t touch – crimes of magic.
          My name’s Bonnie Torres.…more

        • Pack of Lies

          Pack of Lies

          My name is Bonita Torres, and eight months ago I was an unemployed college graduate without a plan. Now I’m an investigator with the Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations team of New York.…more

        • Tricks of the Trade

          Tricks of the Trade

          When magic goes wrong, who are you going to call?
          The name’s Torres, Bonnie Torres, and I’m a paranormal scene investigator—rooting out the truth about crimes of magic. It’s dangerous and boring and scary and fascinating.…more

        • Dragon Justice

          Dragon Justice

            My name is Bonnie Torres. A long time ago not so long ago, I was a newly minted college grad      with a degree and enthusiasm—and not a clue where to go with it.…more