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Revisionary Update

SILVER ON THE ROAD is now, officially, the longest book I’ve ever written, and I still have another 75 pages to revise (exactly where Mine Editor sayeth “give us more detail!”) So. Yeah.   (for those wondering, that means we’re past the 126,000 word mark. Certain Writers may call that a novella, but for me, […]

Submitted without Context…

“…three in the morning, when you’re stone cold sober and standing in a dingy Queens alley over a body that’s only a few hours dead…. Yeah, not the time to appreciate dick jokes.”

Just when you think you know someone….

Midway through the fourth pass, and something that’s been in there since first draft caught me by surprise with “oh, that’s how this will be relevant later.” Book, c’mon, you’re KILLING me. I also yanked an entire scene out, and figure I can maybe use the character introduced there somewhere else, in a later book, maybe with […]

Writerbrain and writer-recommendations

The book I’m working on now is studded with small details – things that may or may not reflect back into the reader, and will probably be overlooked or ignored by most, but were, yes, placed there deliberately, the way a garden architect chooses what trellis to climb each rose on. I do this sort […]

Linking you Elsewhere…

Over at Book View Cafe, I talk about travel and research, in “There and Back Again, or “Why are you here?”

The Progress Invisible…

To you, anyway.  To me it’s marked in blood, coffee rings, and inky fingers. Gin & Tonic #4 is a Draft, as of Tuesday. It’s an ugly, messy draft, but it has a beginning, a middle, an ending, and a through-line, so there’s that, and I still have a few weeks to polish it to […]

this is the kind of problem I hate to whinge about, but….

Before I start to whine, let me say that being able to write in two genres (mystery and fantasy) is like getting the perfect hot fudge sundae and being PAID to eat it: it’s really hard to complain. But some day, please the scheduling gods, I will have more than six weeks between book deadlines? […]

this fog will never lift it will always be like rain

Yesterday’s bounty: 2K new words on the mystery, and a revelation in the backbrain about revisions to be done on the fantasy, plus some long-range promo work done for DEAD MAN’S HAND which you can get your own hands on in 12 days…. and I declutterd the office, which after three days of rain was starting to remind me […]

coffee at my elbow, cat on my knee, brain in a jar on the shelf

After Monday’s “think it through without actually thinking about it” phase, Tuesday saw 3K new words get laid down, and a clear idea of where the next chapter’s going. I don’t know if I’ll get another 3k today, but it’s not going to be a stop-and-stare day, so it’s all a win. Mystery writing is, […]

sometimes you go forward sideways, with the prevailing winds

I woke up yesterday morning thinking “the bit in the outline is no longer the bit that should happen.”  Frustration occurred.  And I wrote about a hundred words of a new bit, and then stared at the screen and thought “well, what do I do with that, then?” And then I was distracted by a […]