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“They’re fools, young rider. You know what happens to fools, here.”

I’ve created the Damage Board (where I sort out how much worse the characters are at the end than they were at the beginning). I’ve determined the subplot for the next book. I’ve figured out who lives and who dies. I have Draft 0 of SILVER ON THE ROAD (The Devil’s West #1) Now – […]

Friday No-Report (with snippet)

Writers are boring when we’re actually writing. I don’t even have any interesting bits of new research to share, or even any cat photos (Boomer, after a rough evening on Wednesday, has been spending most of his time sleeping in the bedroom. Castiel has discovered that Spring! means Birds! and has spent most of the […]

State of the Meerkat: A Retreat without Retreating

So this was the weekend I had blocked out to do a hard run on SILVER.  Friday afternoon I laid in supplies (ready-to-eat meals and several bottles of wine), updated Anti-Social, and took a declared Twitter-cation for 48 hours. And then I set to work. Saturday morning I walked down to the farmer’s market before […]

Five things make the only post you’ll get from me today….

1.  You know you’re in introvert hibernation mode when the thought of ordering take-away over the phone is overwhelming. “No talking to people! No! Why aren’t you on Seamless or GrubHub?”  I need a “bat signal” so I could turn it on and they’d know to have my gyro ready for me…. (there was a […]

Words Are as Words Will

Some people can write five or six or ten thousand words in a day, and suffer no ill effects. Some people are pleased if they manage a thousand. There’s no ideal speed (so long as you hit your deadline) and the writer who goes at a slow and steady pace is no better a writer, […]

When we say “the luck of the Irish,” we might want to consider what we say…

Fannish recursive: Orlando Jones’s tumblr just ‘liked’ my tumblr reposting of Orlando Jones’ tweet on Twitter. Another St. Patrick’s Day, another day I avoid Manhattan and any bar anywhere. Because having a drunk frat boy in a $500 suit puke green beer on me once was enough for a lifetime. The rental car was duly […]

ReThings and ReThinks…

So, yesterday’s “get stuff off your plate” shame-listing worked pretty well. All but 1.5 things were done and dusted, and the remaining 1.5 are underway. So, yay me. (shame is not something I recommend, but you use the self-motivational tools that work) And part of why things didn’t get done yesterday is that the contract […]

Thinks and Things

Although I’m working hard, I’m still falling behind. That’s a warning sign to me to get some things off my plate, NOW. So today I need to: * finish a client edit and put it back on THEIR desk for a month or so. * get the page proofs for DOGHOUSE back to m’editor * […]

working on a new bio….

Which is harder than it seems/should be.  What do you leave in?  What do you take out?  How many versions do you have?  (some places have a 100 words requirement, others 250, some 500…) What do you want to see in a bio?  How far out do you want to know about upcoming books/how old […]

State of the Meerkat, Monday Edition

March did not exactly start off with a bang – Saturday was reasonably busy, but then I got nailed with serious insomnia Sunday morning (not a thing I am normally prone to, thankfully) and the rest of the day my brain felt much like wet taffy. I can no longer function on 4 hours of […]