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BVC Boxing Week Sale!

Got a new ereader? Got an old ereader? Time to load that sucker up… And my epic fantasy novella (with sea serpents! And wine!) “From Whence You Came” is 50% off! “A thoughtful examination of the consequences of magic; stands alone and away from its progenitor series well. Getting to see a legendary hero as […]

Live in the EU? Like e-reading?

A reminder for everyone in the EU – if you’ve been thinking about buying an ebook that’s already out, you might want to do it NOW, before the new VAT regulations force the prices to go up. Because prices WILL go up (we’ve already gotten emails confirming this from Amazon, et al that they’re passing […]

S&S expands their ebook library program….

Libraries across the United States can now access the entire catalog of ebooks published by Simon & Schuster. The announcement concludes a pilot program the publisher had conducted with twenty library systems. Libraries can now purchase one-year licenses to lend individual ebooks to patrons. As with physical books, only one patron can borrow a title at a time, […]

Digital marketplace expansions…

Email from Nook Press this morning about their (finally!) expansion into other countries. which means that, for those of you who avoided Amazon, and didn’t have access for whatever reason to Kobo, you will soon be able to lay digital hands on the Sylvan Investigation novellas MILES TO GO, PROMISES TO KEEP, and the story […]

Danny Hendrickson and Ellen are at it again!

Only a week late, due to travel and Feline Vet Trauma, I’m delighted to announce the start of a new Kickstarter for THE WORK OF HUNTERS and AN INTERRUPTED CRY, two Sylvan Investigation novellas! As I say in the video, I had so much fun writing the first two, and reader reaction was so positive, doing […]

Own an e-reader? Want to NOT support either Amazon or B&N?

From December 24th to January 5th, Kobo is running a Serious Sale (up to 80% off!) with the coupon code 50COUPON. You MUST enter that code, or you’ll be charged full price! I have, of course, given you a link that starts with my own MILES TO GO. Because the very best present to give is one […]

Bringing you an important Sylvan Investigations Update….

For those of you who prefer to buy from B&N…. MILES TO GO and PROMISES TO KEEP are now available in epub from your dealer-of-choice! Miles to Go Promises to Keep     If you prefer to buy directly from Book View Cafe (no DRM)  If you’re an Amazon loyalist  If you prefer audio If […]

Introducing… Danny Hendrickson, and Sylvan Investigations!

I’m currently in the UK, doing Writerly Things (and eating ALL THE CURRIES), but in the world of things-already-set-in-motion, today is a really exciting day for me – and hopefully for you, too.  Because Sylvan Investigations is officially opening its doors for business! Sylvan What? Y’see, in 2012, after ten novels, my publisher asked me to […]

There and Back Again, or the Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend past was the Baltimore Book Festival, where SFWA had their usual pavilion (okay, a large tent), with a bookstore, author signings, and SRO panels.  Seriously, we were packed all day every day, and thanks to everyone who came out and added to really good discussions! (and thanks to the weather, which was perfect) I […]

BOOK DAY! for HEART OF BRIAR (and related information)

The truth is that in recent years the idea of a single launch day has pretty much fallen into disuse, if only because the physical books are on the shelf before the digital books are officially released.  But still, it’s nice to have a single point in time when you say, “It’s here!  It’s a […]