1. Lauri

    I have a guest room in Berthoud (about 40 miles north of Denver)

  2. The only advice I can give is that I-70 across Kansas is about as exciting as sitting on a chair in the back of a dark closet for 5-6 hours. The two lanes though the small towns (and remnants of small downs that are no more) are far more interesting to drive.

    US-40, US-24 (fun fact: US-24’s eastern terminus is actually north, near Holly, Michigan, and is the famous Telegraph Road as it passes south through the Detroit area before turning westward by Toledo), KS-4 are certainly going to give you more color.

    Possible route: US-40 KC to Lawrence, US-24 Lawrence to Colby, KS-25 south to US-40 (or US-83 from just east of Colby south to Oakley), then back on US-40 to Limon, Colorado, back to US-24 into Colorado Springs. Alternatively, split off 40 onto CO-94 before you get to Limon, but IIRC, there’s not much on that one (it’s been several years since I was out thataway, so stuff has probably changed).

    Granted, for most of that run, it’s primarily agriculture between the towns, so expect lots of wheat fields, rotary irrigation systems, and occasional grain elevators. But unless I’m towing or in a time crunch, I’d rather do that than drive the slab.

    I’ve got some folks in Topeka with a possible guest room, but beyond that, no help, sorry.

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