New Kid on the Block

So I have sent off my bio and photo, and will, I am assured, soon be up on the Client Board .  Weirdly, even though we’ve signed a contract, and New Agent has already negotiated a new deal for me, that will be the moment I feel like I’m really Part of the Pack.

Soon enough, I’ll be able to feel that way in person, too.  My new agency, it turns out, has an Agency Retreat, where clients gather for the weekend and listen to our agents blither talk in an educated manner about the industry, and generally Get To Shmooze With Everyone. And, I presume, knowing writers (and agents) as I do, we all bond over much booze.

This is very cool, and I am very much looking forward to the experience. Hopefully, there’s no New Kid Hazing….

*is suddenly nervous*


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