the writing life

oh brain…really?

So yeah, the first line of The Devil’s West #2 came to me in the shower this morning. Never mind that I’m not scheduled to START it until September. Never mind that I have two novellas and a short story to finish before then. Damn it, children….

Monday oh Monday hoist your colors and let me see….

Both SILVER ON THE ROAD and Gin & Tonic #4 go to their respective editors this week. Yes, I had two book deadlines the same month. No, that wasn’t ideal. Yes, I’m pretty much worn to a frazzle right now and because of that convinced that both are utter dreck and if I only had […]


A still, humid morning. I’d welcome a raging thunderstorm, if it would get the air moving a little bit… These are the days I find it hardest to work in: when the air is thick and heavy and anticipation is shivering just under the skin for something to HAPPEN and it never does…at that point […]

Thinky Thoughts

After spending a year creating a new world and new characters for SILVER ON THE ROAD, returning to Sylvan investigations, and the world of the Cosa Nostradamus is kind of… interesting, in a shake-up-the-brain way. Because none of you have met Isobel, Matthew or Farron yet. None of you have encountered the boss, or Calls […]

Writerbrain and writer-recommendations

The book I’m working on now is studded with small details – things that may or may not reflect back into the reader, and will probably be overlooked or ignored by most, but were, yes, placed there deliberately, the way a garden architect chooses what trellis to climb each rose on. I do this sort […]

That was the week that was(n’t)

I have spent the past few days locked in the windowless Inner Circle of Hell that is the Javits Center, helping man the SFWA booth for Book Expo America. And yes the reading horde (comprising of bloggers, librarians, publishers, various and sundry publishing-related folk, and General Readers) were unleashed upon us, and lo we did […]

The Progress Invisible…

To you, anyway.  To me it’s marked in blood, coffee rings, and inky fingers. Gin & Tonic #4 is a Draft, as of Tuesday. It’s an ugly, messy draft, but it has a beginning, a middle, an ending, and a through-line, so there’s that, and I still have a few weeks to polish it to […]

this is the kind of problem I hate to whinge about, but….

Before I start to whine, let me say that being able to write in two genres (mystery and fantasy) is like getting the perfect hot fudge sundae and being PAID to eat it: it’s really hard to complain. But some day, please the scheduling gods, I will have more than six weeks between book deadlines? […]

this fog will never lift it will always be like rain

Yesterday’s bounty: 2K new words on the mystery, and a revelation in the backbrain about revisions to be done on the fantasy, plus some long-range promo work done for DEAD MAN’S HAND which you can get your own hands on in 12 days…. and I declutterd the office, which after three days of rain was starting to remind me […]

coffee at my elbow, cat on my knee, brain in a jar on the shelf

After Monday’s “think it through without actually thinking about it” phase, Tuesday saw 3K new words get laid down, and a clear idea of where the next chapter’s going. I don’t know if I’ll get another 3k today, but it’s not going to be a stop-and-stare day, so it’s all a win. Mystery writing is, […]