the writing life

it's not so much advice as it is a circle around to the refrain...

Surviving emotionally intact (ish) as a writer requires walking a very thin and jagged line between rampant ego and excessive humility. By that I mean – you need to be comfortable with hearing others praised to the skies, while still believing, somehow, that YOURS is better. It may be better. It may not be better. […]

At Norwescon

Last night’s reading, despite being at the awkward hour of dinner-o-clock on the first day of the convention, was reasonably well-attended, and by some people I didn’t know from Joe! That’s always nice. Then there was the panel on the use of the hard-boiled mystery element in urban fantasy, which…well, I suspect our moderator wanted […]

Two Brains, No Waiting

And I’m officially again working on two different books. Different genres, different time frames, vastly different voices… *head ‘splodes a little bit* book 1: She could still feel the press of the [redacted], like a bruise on her skin. If she touched it, if she looked at it, it would overwhelm her. So she looked […]