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The State of Everything – A Working SitRep

Novels/novellas: SILVER ON THE ROAD is copyeditor-bound. I hope to have ARCs soon, to maybe scatter among the deserving and talkative… (if you’re a blogger or otherwise loudmouthed in the industry and want one, email me!) WORK OF HUNTERS (Sylvan Investigations #3) is with the proofreader and from there into backer-edition production, huzzah! CLAWED (Gin […]

The first Monday of the New Year is for doing EVERYTHING. It says so right on this calendar.

This morning I dealt with a feline sugar crash (perfect timing cat, you couldn’t have done that while at the vet’s tomorrow?) and then delicately hammered out my daily dose of new words- Brassy child, he muttered, not first the first time since she’d issued that threat.  His own fault for teaching her to tie […]

five things make the first workday of 2015….

Things researched: buzzard vs vulture, the weight of a saddle, sleepwalking, bison maturity. Favorite bit written: She couldn’t promise any more, not faithfully. But as the words left her mouth, one of the buzzards lifted its head and swiveled its neck to look directly at her, and the cold sting in her palm faded. Whoops:  escarpment is not […]

Robin Williams, RIP

Well, fuck. I know there were some folk who did not love him, and looking back now some of his routines make one cringe, but at a time when I was unutterably depressed, his comedy shows could make me laugh, and got me through the night. Suicide is not confirmed, but yeah, based on his […]

Ah Monday. I thought I recognized you when you came in the door…

After the insanity that was last week’s GISHWHES, I’m back on the pony…mostly. Writing: The draft of WORK OF HUNTERS is with the editor, and I have the revisions letter for CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) on my desk. The revisions letter for SILVER ON THE ROAD is supposed to hit on Friday (more likely […]

DragonCon Schedule! (not yet entirely 100% final)

Please to note a) I have a reading.  If you want to know what’s coming up in 2015, you will be at that reading. Bringing me chocolate will be optional, but appreciated. b) once again, I’m going to be on a panel with Laurell Hamilton and Jim Butcher.  Come to this panel.  Scream devotedly when […]

oh brain…really?

So yeah, the first line of The Devil’s West #2 came to me in the shower this morning. Never mind that I’m not scheduled to START it until September. Never mind that I have two novellas and a short story to finish before then. Damn it, children….

Monday oh Monday hoist your colors and let me see….

Both SILVER ON THE ROAD and Gin & Tonic #4 go to their respective editors this week. Yes, I had two book deadlines the same month. No, that wasn’t ideal. Yes, I’m pretty much worn to a frazzle right now and because of that convinced that both are utter dreck and if I only had […]


A still, humid morning. I’d welcome a raging thunderstorm, if it would get the air moving a little bit… These are the days I find it hardest to work in: when the air is thick and heavy and anticipation is shivering just under the skin for something to HAPPEN and it never does…at that point […]

Thinky Thoughts

After spending a year creating a new world and new characters for SILVER ON THE ROAD, returning to Sylvan investigations, and the world of the Cosa Nostradamus is kind of… interesting, in a shake-up-the-brain way. Because none of you have met Isobel, Matthew or Farron yet. None of you have encountered the boss, or Calls […]