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Castiel is Shocked

Dog knows, I’m not the world’s greatest with self-marketing.  Like any self-disrespecting creative, it makes me deeply uneasy to toot my own horn, preferring other people to do it for me, while I stay in my workspace and create. But being uneasy with the act does not mean I am not savvy about the means.  […]

the meerkat at work

Off to the Rainforest Retreat tomorrow – I’ve been signed up the past two years, but other stuff caused me to cancel out.  Knock wood and no phone calls come, I’ll be on the road in the AM, and come back from the five days with All The Words Written.  Or at least, enough to […]

Weekend Highlights and Lowlights....

Highlight of this weekend was talking with a guest at the tasting room who, it turned out, is also a writer.  I asked about the work she’s doing (mostly tech writing, but with an eye towards fiction).  She asked in return what I write, and I allow as how I’m a novelist with a sideline […]

I have been remiss....

I was gently reminded this weekend that I have not been updating the blog this year.  My bad, mea culpa. I will do better.  :-)


The apartment smells like delicious baking things, the cats are snoozing, and although I still have many things to do both at home and at work, I am very much aware of the fact that the year has wound down. Goodbye 2017, hello 2018. In many ways, the past year has been just as bad […]

From me to thee, where "thee" is unknown.

As per usual, rather than send (inevitably late) holiday cards out to folk, most of whom will look at it, maybe display it for a few days, and then recycle it, I’m making a donation or three on behalf of you all. This year, those donations will be split between the ACLU, Northwest Harvest Food […]