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World Poetry Day is Once More Upon Us...

and I find myself turning to the first poet to speak to me – disdained by many for the apparent simpleness of his style, the direct speech and indirect implications were exactly what always drew me to him.   Of all his poems, though, this is the one I find myself thinking of, this year. […]

*taps mic*

reposting this from my Tumblr account   Since there seems to be some outraged confusion among Anons and Nonnys, let me clarify. If you support the Trump/Pence/Bannon regime’s attempts to isolate, persecute, and otherwise remove basic civil and citizen’s rights from entire groups within our society, based on who they are rather than dealing with […]

the cold eye

The last appearance of the least-spotted meerkat will be at the Kitsap B&N in Silverdale, WA TOMORROW (Saturday) at 2pm, where I will be doing my reading and signing Thang for THE COLD EYE.   After that, I dive back into my more reclusive writing phase, and getting anything signed will be far more difficult. […]

Patreon News!

Whoops, looks like I’m going to owe my patrons an audio this month – we hit the “have Auntie Meerkat read each episode of the serial” bonus level of the Patreon!   (thankfully, we’ve just started the newest serial, so I should be able to catch up easily enough.)   Remember, $1 gets you the […]