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“no prayers”   if a mouth speaks violence if a tongue shapes hatred the hand must raise to ask why the heart must rise to say no. this is mitzvah. this is god’s work.       © laura anne gilman 2019  

Dragged and prodded with a lot of “all the cool kids are doing it” and “nobody will know you’re not a cool kid, do it!” I am Doing The Hugo Thing. (with thanks to the also-eligible CE Murphy for sharing the template) The following works are eligible for Hugo nominations this year in the listed […]

New Year, Same Trips to the Vet...

Due to recent Digestive Incidents, Boomer the Geriatric Cat got to visit with Uncle Vet again today. They all commented on how long it’s been since they’ve seen him, which is a very good thing (for a while we were monthly visitors).   We are pleased to say that he’s put on some weight, clocking […]

I have a firm conviction that if you give someone a warm meal and a hot shower, they can do nearly anything they set their minds to that day.  Which is why my first and preferred charities have always been food banks. For several years, I ran #WillWriteToFeedOthers, wherein I wrote a story in November, […]