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Underwater Ballroom Society pre-orders (updated!)

A busy weekend wearing my other-job hat, but back in the saddle (okay, the Writing Chair) today -getting ready to post the new story for Patreon/Gumroad patrons, plus also some excerpted bits from the WiP, and working on a new project I’ll be announcing…soonish.  *g*   I’m dancing as fast as I can, I swear. And […]

Mailing List PSA

If you thought you were signed up for the Gilman Quarterly newsletter, but did NOT get one (and it’s not in your spam box), please resubscribe!  (we seem to have some gremlins in the wires) If you haven’t already signed up, and think it would be fun to get advance word on what’s going on, […]

Alert for all Patreons

Guess who forgot to hit the “charge all patrons” button on Patreon last month? That would be me, yeah. If you enjoyed what I delivered, and want to honor your pledge despite my convention-driven distraction, here are links to do so: buy me a coffee paypal me   Thanks, from me, my budget, and the […]

Castiel is Shocked

Dog knows, I’m not the world’s greatest with self-marketing.  Like any self-disrespecting creative, it makes me deeply uneasy to toot my own horn, preferring other people to do it for me, while I stay in my workspace and create. But being uneasy with the act does not mean I am not savvy about the means.  […]