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My ConCarolinas Schedule!

My ConCarolinas starts off light on Friday, June 1… 4:00pm Kiss Me, You Fool!  Romance remains wildly popular as a genre, and it has a place in most other writing as well. But so many non-romance authors have a hard time writing romantic scenes that don’t leave the reader rolling her eyes. What can non-romance […]

Underwater Ballroom Society pre-orders (updated!)

A busy weekend wearing my other-job hat, but back in the saddle (okay, the Writing Chair) today -getting ready to post the new story for Patreon/Gumroad patrons, plus also some excerpted bits from the WiP, and working on a new project I’ll be announcing…soonish.  *g*   I’m dancing as fast as I can, I swear. And […]

Mailing List PSA

If you thought you were signed up for the Gilman Quarterly newsletter, but did NOT get one (and it’s not in your spam box), please resubscribe!  (we seem to have some gremlins in the wires) If you haven’t already signed up, and think it would be fun to get advance word on what’s going on, […]