Getcher Fiction Heah!

So, a while back, the unstoppable Jaym Gates came to me and said, kid, I want you to write me a story (if you’re imagining this as said in the voice of Arlo Guthrie channeling Officer Obie, you’d be dead to rights). It was for an anthology she was plotting, with the theme of genius […]

A hint! A hint! My kickstarter for a hint!

And lo, we’ve hit 90% funded for TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER, an anthology featuring new stories from David B. Coe, Faith Hunter, Stephen Leigh, Gini Koch, Seanan McGuire, Laura Resnick, and moi – and some Others To Be Named Later! So that means it’s time to hint at what my story’s going to be about…. hint #1: […]

Ladies, Gents, and Readers of all Identifications, WE HAVE FUNDED!

The next two Sylvan Investigation titles are a go.  I repeat, they are a go…. *does happy meerkat dance* Bless you all, the backer and the boosters. And, with 48 hours to go, we still have a chance of hitting the next stretch goal, where you get to see me delve into the sordid, sordid […]

Three days left to get in on the Investigations!

The Sylvan Investigations, that is.  We’re in the final days and still a bit short of the goal… Literally, only a bit short.  As in, under $700.  With a little under three days to go… And yeah, I’ve finished fleshing out the outline, and have written the first scene.  Because once I start thinking about […]

You’re all busy folk I won’t take up much more of your time…

Favorite, and very telling bit of dialogue from the rough-in of WORK OF HUNTERS… (yes, I’m drafting it even though we haven’t funded yet and I have no spare time, shut up, I LOVE this story, okay?) “The Cosa is all about discrimination, Ellen. Never think it’s not. You’re at the top of the pole right […]

Eleven days and counting…on you.

And we’re at 11 days and counting, for WORK OF HUNTERS/AN INTERRUPTED CRY to fund!  C’mon, don’t you want not one but TWO novellas, featuring a jaded-but-idealistic half-faun PI and his up-and-coming partner, a young human woman with unwanted, deeply annoying magical skills?  Adventure! Genre-appropriate violence!  Snark! Minority Representation! Setting fire to bits of NYC!  (ooops.  That […]

A reminder, a snippet, and a link…

There’s still about $250 to go before midnight tonight, to get the kickstarter for WORK OF HUNTERS / AN INTERRUPTED CRY to 75% (and get me to dye my hair purple). Another $2,400 in the next two weeks for us to reach 100% and get these novellas rolling. $10 for two novellas. But if you kick in more, […]

Saddle Up, Saddle Up!

I’ve returned to the WiP and can confirm that if it does not love me just yet (after the month hiatus) it is still very fond of me and is willing work work together to make things right again. Me? I still adore it. Even when it makes me crazy. ——- In other writing news, […]

Wednesday, You’re on Notice

Woke up this morning and the combination of BioFreeze, painkillers, and a heating pad seem to have done the trick on my shoulder. But since I’m going to be working in a non-traditional format (no office chair) until further notice, this may change at any moment.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to go chair-shopping over the […]

Kickstarter update: Work Of Hunters, and how it begins…

Last night, after officially closing up shop for the day, I opened a new file and started writing. I probably shouldn’t have – halfway funded is not the same thing as fully-funded, and I have a LOT on my desk already – but that’s the thing with the Sylvan Investigation stories… Danny’s an insistent little bastard, and […]