1. jennielf

    YES. THIS.

    I have been supporting via twitter and in conversations. I am one of the ones that has been too scared to go down and support for many reasons, but damn. Right now, you are my hero. the whole damn Occupy Movement is my hero.

  2. Thank you, Laura.

    I’ve been upset today by a cretin at work deriding the Occupy people. And the general sense I get is most people at work feel the same, albeit to a softer degree.

  3. Jude-Marie Green

    Thank you, Laura.

  4. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Boosted this everywhere.

  5. Thank you. For your presence there. For your eloquence. For writing this. For making tears come to my eyes. For everything. You were there, perhaps, in my name too. I have never loved New York more nor been prouder of it.

  6. Thank you for what you did, and now, for sharing it, Laura Anne. You’re my hero.

  7. Seriously guys, I don’t feel like a hero. I went down there and raised my voice. I exercised my 1st amendment rights as an American citizen, and my rights as an opinionated New Yorker. And I met a lot of smart, interesting people I don’t and won’t always see eye to eye with, but that day, in that place, we were all on the same page.

    And the risk of getting arrested, or Maced or punched? Facing that isn’t heroism. It’s sheer bloody-minded pissed-offedness with a history degree. :-)

  8. Diana

    Thank you, Laura. I was just noticing how difficult I’ve found it to locate clear reporting on the reality of Occupy…and oh, how lovely it was to read your oh-so-readable words!
    You’re absolutely right: “sedition” is the source of America and Occupy is the present-day form of that.
    My heart walked with you on every step of the journey. And it stays with Occupy.

  9. Kari Sperring

    I am proud to know you.
    And you’re right, the reaction is disproportionate. The powerful have noticed that the powerless are ceasing to be passive, and they’re scared.
    I’m glad they let you leave the march, though. Over here, there have been incidents where the police have ‘kettled’ marchers and refused to let them leave for hours and hours.

  10. A Rainey

    Glad you didn’t get pepper sprayed like my mother did on Tuesday in Seattle. Joining a protest spur-of-the-moment should cause you to use extra caution.

  11. Actually, I didn’t join “spur of the moment,” as I’d gone down there with full intent to join the main rally – just not to be part of the “collection” of the students. I had in my possession saline drops, nose plugs, and wet-wipes, and had taken the usual precautions (wearing my glasses instead of contact lenses, carrying two forms of id in two places, my cell phone fully charged, etc).

  12. ellid

    This is so incredibly cool. May I link to this on Daily Kos? Your words are lovely.

  13. Once I put something out there, it’s free for linking and sharing, so long as the attribution/url remains attached!

  14. beth meacham

    Well done, and well reported. Thank you!

  15. ellid

    Excellent. Thanks!

  16. Joyce Reynolds-Ward

    Well done! Excellent account, and I’ve shared it to Facebook to boost the signal.

  17. Mishell Baker

    Damn right they’re scared. I’m reminded of the movie A Bug’s Life, where it takes the ants the entire movie and several failed schemes to simply realize, hey, there are a lot MORE of us than there are grasshoppers, and band together in anger. Damn right the grasshoppers ran.

  18. My hat, it is doffed. Thank you from across the ocean in England. We shall thrive or starve in no small part according to what’s accomplished on your side of the pond, as well as our own.

  19. Fake Frenchie

    Do you mind if I post this on eHQ?

  20. I’d rather you didn’t….. if you want to mention it and leave a link, that’s fine, but I prefer to keep my politics off official publisher sites, out of courtesy….

  21. Derryl Murphy

    For all those boneheads who keep bitching that #OWS is unfocused, pay attention to what Laura Anne said: “To get Wall Street out of our government, out of our courts; to return the USA to a democratic republic, not an oligarchy.” There you go.

  22. I feel guilty that the reason I stopped attending our local #O group was that there was just one guy who seemed to have made himself the sole spokesperson and leader, and was basically giving marching orders to everyone else, and I didn’t feel up to challenging him.

    Maybe I should start attending again. Well, maybe.

  23. Rob Thornton

    Thanks for this missive from OWS. For some reason, you bring home the reality of protest in a way that I haven’t seen in other reports. I think it is because you let the event speak for itself–the mundane details of your experience say volumes without adding additional “significance” or “drama.”

    Thanks again.

  24. After reading this, I got off the fence I’ve been on concerning your books and got Staying Dead. Thanks for this report from the front lines!

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