Laura Anne

*taps mic*

reposting this from my Tumblr account   Since there seems to be some outraged confusion among Anons and Nonnys, let me clarify. If you support the Trump/Pence/Bannon regime’s attempts to isolate, persecute, and otherwise remove basic civil and citizen’s rights from entire groups within our society, based on who they are rather than dealing with […]

the cold eye

The last appearance of the least-spotted meerkat will be at the Kitsap B&N in Silverdale, WA TOMORROW (Saturday) at 2pm, where I will be doing my reading and signing Thang for THE COLD EYE.   After that, I dive back into my more reclusive writing phase, and getting anything signed will be far more difficult. […]

Patreon News!

Whoops, looks like I’m going to owe my patrons an audio this month – we hit the “have Auntie Meerkat read each episode of the serial” bonus level of the Patreon!   (thankfully, we’ve just started the newest serial, so I should be able to catch up easily enough.)   Remember, $1 gets you the […]