Laura Anne

I am not Paris.  I am not Lebanon.  I was New York.

40 people killed in Lebanon’s bombing Thursday. A still-being-counted number of dead in the Paris attacks last night. I was in Manhattan on 9/11, within the shut-down zone. I know some of what goes through your head, how your heart races, and your brain is never quite the same afterward. And I know that there […]

Midweek Good News....

Borderlands (SF) Bookstore’s October Bestseller List.  Considering the top five names, I am not at all depressed to be #6.  :-D (thanks to everyone who bought copies – there or elsewhere!)  

New Review Happiness for SILVER ON THE ROAD...

The Vampire Book Club reviews SILVER ON THE ROAD, and invokes both Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock and Diana Gabaldon’s Claire in OUTLANDER in their discussion of why they gave it 4.5 stars…. “I’m happy to think they can keep traveling the Road indefinitely”

Half-Price eBooks, Guilt-Free!

If anyone here a) likes ebooks, b) likes half-price ebooks – and c) likes half-price ebooks where the authors still get full royalties on the sale….   Kobo’s having a sale. Half-price ebooks if you use the region-appropriate code:   Canada October 28th – October 31st Promo Code: CA50SALE   United States/Australia/New Zealand October 27th […]