Laura Anne

Heading down to OryCon...

So if that’s where you’ll be, this is where I’ll be! Fri Nov 18 5:00pm – 6:00pm Minor Characters: Talking about the ones who don’t always get mentioned in the cover copy, but are often more fun to write… Brenda Cooper, David Dvorkin, Laura Anne Gilman, Stoney Compton, Tina Connolly Fri Nov 18 6:30pm – […]

13 Years a Freelancer

Today, according to my calendar, is my 13th Freelancerversary.   I will spend it, as I have spent all the others, in a pleasant mix of deadline panic, money worries, contemplating new projects, scouting for new clients, advertising work for sale, and considering why the fuck I didn’t get a full-time job with benefits.   […]

Been quiet here...

Mainly because I’m trying to figure out how best to use my energy, going forward.  Lots to be done, to keep the country I love from becoming a country I can no longer claim. And so it feels weird and horrible to be doing this, but life goes on, and I need to pay for […]