Laura Anne

the meerkat at work

I’m the kind of sick where you don’t feel all that bad, but you know if you push it your body will slam back and lay you out for a week, so you take it easy.   Where by ‘easy’ I mean I’m drinking soup and taking naps and spending the rest of the time at […]

Gaslighting Myself: a #HoldOntoTheLight post

I no longer post my thoughts about 9/11 – I though I’d said everything I needed to say.  But this year, I was invited to take part in #HoldOntoTheLight.  And I realized that I did, in fact, have something new – and important – to say. For as long as I’ve known of the phrase, […]

Just in time for the paperback edition...

Asimov’s (yes, Asimov’s) reviews SILVER ON THE ROAD! “Gilman, who’s had success with urban fantasy and her ambitious “Vineart War” trilogy, begins a new series, “The Devil’s West” with this novel, a solid entry in the currently hot category of Weird West fiction. Gilman serves up a set of challenges worthy of the premise…..[she] has […]