Today, I…

Wrote about 1K words on a short story that I’ve made a bet with another friend that I can finish by next Sunday, even with everything else that’s going on. And then I went to the Cascade Writer’s Library Event in Renton, where I, Ken Scholes, and Heather Roulo dropped some hard truths (and funny […]

Everybody’s working through the weekend…

Today’s WiP darling: “She had grown up in proximity to the devil; power had been as present in the air she breathed as the sulphured smoke from the blacksmith’s forge.” I may kill it later. But for now, we’re in love. :-) 2000 new words and I’m finally starting to feel, nearly 25,000 words in, […]


#TBT all the way to 2003, when I first saw the art that would become the cover of my first original book, STAYING DEAD. That was my favorite cover of all my work ever… until now. Now there’s maybe a new winner.  *g*

midweek check-in is all linked-up

CatofSize isn’t sure if he’s having a bad morning or is just in a Grumpy Old Man stage. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…  And I probably should stop referring to having to shoot the cat. New people (and some older ones) keep reading it all wrong. ;-) But hey, being up at 6am […]

The State of Everything – A Working SitRep

Novels/novellas: SILVER ON THE ROAD is copyeditor-bound. I hope to have ARCs soon, to maybe scatter among the deserving and talkative… (if you’re a blogger or otherwise loudmouthed in the industry and want one, email me!) WORK OF HUNTERS (Sylvan Investigations #3) is with the proofreader and from there into backer-edition production, huzzah! CLAWED (Gin […]

Deeply amused and not at all surprised….

My post on using American history in fantasy over at Charlie Stross’ blog seems to have evolved in comments into a “the technical aspects of how you’d write an alternate American history where the Indian tribes don’t lose” alternating with arguments over the definition of Celtic and related UKcentric socioarcheology, and the only-occasional hitting of my […]

So this is happening…

I’m over at Charlie Stross’ place today, guest-blogging about writing American history that isn’t my history…. or is it? Meanwhile, the topic of that blog, SILVER ON THE ROAD, is starting to propagate pre-order links, although there’s no cover or copy available yet. Shall we see how high we can push it before they even give […]

This is not the glamorous part

God, I hate going over page proofs in .pdf.  But I will admit that being able to email them back is better than having to pack up 300+ sheets of paper and FedEx it… Meanwhile, my favorite “I wrote that!” bit: “The advantage to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth […]


So on Friday, I finally saw the almost-finished cover for SILVER ON THE ROAD. And I had some nitpicks, because, well, ARTISTS, she said in mock disgust. But overall? I kind of fucking love it. But it’s not Officially Finished Yet.  So I can’t show it to anyone. *flails and dies a little*


The pre-order page for L.A. Kornetsky’s CLAWED is now live! Order early, order often.